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The end-of-lease period can be a stressful time. You might want to make sure you get your security bond back and don’t encounter any further issues after your end-of-lease contract. To make sure things go smoothly, it’s best to hire a professional cleaning company who will clean your home to

commercial carpet cleaning in melbourne

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet is a big investment. It can cover a large chunk of your company’s expenses that varies depending on your company’s size and workforce. That is why taking care of your company’s commercial carpet needs is very important to avoid unnecessary expenses, that most of the time are of

best Leather Cleaning cleaning in mebourne

Leather Cleaning

Leather products have been around for millennia. Tanning leather hides was a common practice throughout many cultures and tribes in the world. Authentic leather is an extremely durable product that can be converted into apparel, interior covering, and furniture. However, there’s a right way to clean leather, since the wrong

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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpets make your home or office look more professional and cozy. A chic carpet color or design can instantly add sophistication to your home or office interiors and complement other furniture. Installing carpets may also minimize accidents such as slipping because it creates added friction, unlike plain floors. However, having

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Professional Pet Treatment

Many people choose to have pets because of the companionship they provide. Oftentimes, people do spend a lot of money to properly take care of their pets, especially with sanitation. Pets run around the house and may leave a trail of hair and urine that may have stuck in and

photo of professional mattress cleaning

Professional Mattress Cleaning

Beds are important furniture that must be cleaned regularly because it comes into direct contact with our bodies. An unsanitary mattress can be a breeding house of dust, allergens, stains, and bed bugs that can cause skin irritation, allergies, and bad indoor air quality. Regularly cleaning your mattresses by hiring

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Upholstery Cleaning

Many people like putting upholstery in their homes or offices like sofas and couches. They make for comfortable furniture that instantly make a room look posh and cozy. Because people frequently come in contact with upholstery, it can accumulate dust, hairs, and other dirt particles over time. Upholstery is often

photo of tile and grout cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Many people choose to install tile floorings because it is easy to clean and looks neater and more classy, especially on bathroom walls and kitchen floors. Although it’s relatively easy to clean with a mop, hard to remove stains like mold and mildew can accumulate and make your tile floors

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JMS Carpet Cleaning is a family-owned business that specializes in professional residential and industrial cleaning services in Melbourne. The company has been consistently rated as one of the top carpet cleaning companies in the area and have years of experience in the industry. Our company enlists a roster of reliable and well-trained technicians who can guarantee high-quality cleaning services.

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